An Exploration of Graduate Profiles in the Greek Market

Unlocking Talent Potential of Gen Z

The study "An Exploration of Graduate Profiles in the Greek Market" examines the competencies and skills of Greek graduates and early-career candidates, highlighting the shift towards skills-based hiring in a dynamic job market.

Despite the perception that Gen Z lacks resilience, the study reveals that Greek graduates excel in adapting to change, taking responsibility, and maintaining high-quality standards, largely influenced by the Greek educational system and economic challenges. However, they need improvement in analyzing information, fostering team cohesion, and maintaining good working relationships.

The SHL Graduate 8.0 Job-Focused Assessment is recommended for evaluating these competencies, which can help organizations identify top talent. The study advocates for a strengths-based approach and stretch assignments to enhance engagement and reduce attrition, ensuring that organizations effectively harness the potential of new graduates.

To learn more, download the full study and unlock deeper insights into unlocking the talent potential of Gen Z in the Greek market.

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